About Me

Hello! I’m Julie. I’m glad you’re here!

This is a community for people looking for ideas and inspiration for living their dream life.

Whether your dream is to venture out in a unique lifestyle or simply to have more peace in your home, you’ll feel right at home here. I write about making dreams a reality in areas I’m passionate about, including:

  • Positive Parenting
  • Building Strong Marriages
  • Financial Peace
  • Mental and Physical Health
  • Christian Living
  • Personal Development
  • And Living Small to Live BIG

What I write comes from my own life experiences and education. I include ideas from my background in Child Development/Parenting Education and my career as a Stay-at-Home Mom for 20 years. My journey to get healthy in all areas has also taught me many lessons that I share. And I am continually working to reduce stress and improve myself through my lifestyle, which I will also write about.

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I originally started this blog following a viral Facebook post that shared my stress and heartbreak as a public school teacher who had decided to leave the profession. I wanted to not just make a complaint but also give ideas for making the situation better. So I started blogging about positive parenting solutions and ideas for improving education.

I realized in time that I had a lot more to write about, and decided to include other subjects I’m passionate about as well, with the overarching theme of creating the dream we each have for our lives. My husband and I have some pretty “out of the box” things we do as part of our lifestyle, but they work for us and are helping us live our best life possible. My hope is to encourage you to make positive changes in your life that will bring it more into the state you dream of.

Probably the most unique thing about me is that I live full-time in an RV. My husband and I have a goal to be debt free so that we can live our dream of traveling and working our way across the US. Even though our home is tiny, we live a very full life. We love exercise and outdoor activities, doing humanitarian and service work, and sharing our Christian faith. We do aerial and other photography, I’m a crafter, and he likes to fix things.

Most importantly, we love our family. Between us we have 8 teenage and adult children! We work daily to strengthen our marriage and learn to be empty-nesters and grandparents.

I write about all these things and more! Maybe my lifestyle isn’t for you, but I hope I will inspire you to create a life you love.

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